Offer something of actual value...
And your leads will be stepping through your door like never before.
No Double Dipping

Our "smart" campaigns convert visitors to leads, and then ensure those same shoppers are not targeted again.

Contact Confidence

We verify all email addresses and cellphone numbers.

Safety Preservation

2-Factor Authentication gives freedom without compromising security.

Increase Opportunities

Significant increase in showroom visits. Makes all your lead providers more effective.

Pay only for Show-Ups

Leads who don't show up, never receive rewards cards.

Multi Targeted Programs

Campaigns and incentives can be tailored to your specific goals... sales, service, events, etc.

How does it all work?
Incentivized Lead Conversion...
A visitor on your website is motivated by one of your many optional calls to action, which drive them to complete a lead form in trade for a future gift card worth money. In order to claim that card, they need to come in.
Motivating the Visit...
We send the lead an invitation to visit your dealership. We do that as an email and as a text message. After 3 days, we send another email reminder, making sure they don't forget that it's you they want to see.
The lead shows up at your store...
Once they've introduced themselves, and completed whatever requirement you've established, your team gets to start the card order, enter the lead's address, and hand the process back to us.
We take care of the rest...
You've already seen the lead, spoken with them, and taken advantage of that additional sales opportunity. The best part is done. We'll make sure to get them their rewards card, and remind them who they got it from.
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